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What diameter wire ropes are required for electric hoists with different loads

Time:2022-11-03 13:51:11 Hits:972

Wire rope electric hoist is a popular product among light and small lifting equipment at present, which mainly comes from its strong load capacity and working efficiency. Friends who know the wire rope electric hoist should know that its main traction part is wire rope. Compared with traditional lifting chains, the wire rope runs more smoothly, and there is no need to worry about the chain jamming.

The wire rope specifications of each electric hoist are not uniform. The wire rope specifications are determined according to the rated load of the electric hoist. The matching specifications will inevitably make the wire rope diameter increase with the rated load of the electric hoist. Only in this way can the safety of hoisting operations be guaranteed. What are the corresponding specifications? Now let's do some simple statistics for Chenghua Manufacturing.

The rated load of conventional wire rope electric hoists is mainly divided into 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t, 10t and 20t. Their corresponding steel wire rope specifications are 7.7mm, 11mm, 13mm, 15mm, 17.5mm and 19.5mm respectively. Of course, the specification of wire rope used for 0.5t wire rope electric hoist is 4.76mm or 5mm. These data are obtained through rigorous scientific data analysis, which is also the best state in the lifting operation.

It can be seen that the use safety of the electric hoist with wire rope is not only determined by the normal operation, maintenance and other issues, but also the matching degree of the wire rope and the electric hoist plays a key role. Therefore, Chenghua Manufacturing warmly reminds you that when your electric hoist needs to replace the accessory wire rope, you must understand the specification of the matching wire rope to prevent potential safety hazards caused by the lifting operation of the electric hoist.