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Importance of magnetic memory type steel cord conveyor belt detection system to coal transportation

Time:2022-11-02 13:50:27 Hits:924

As the most important means of transportation in coal production enterprises, the safe and stable operation of belt conveyor is the key link in production. The belt conveyor has large power, long transmission distance, fast transmission speed and high transport efficiency. Once the belt is torn, it is difficult to quickly find and timely feedback, and it will be completely destroyed in a short time. It causes material dumping, tape penetration and tear, and the production process is forced to stop, resulting in huge economic losses. Even if it can be repaired, it also requires considerable manpower and time, causing potential threats and huge property losses to the front and rear production processes and workers along the line.

In recent years, although various production enterprises have adopted a large number of technical management means in the belt conveyor transportation system, such as permanent magnet iron remover, camera monitoring, infrared scanning, etc. In order to avoid and eliminate the risk and hidden danger of large length tear accident of the transportation belt as much as possible, it is necessary to improve and improve the existing tear prevention alarm device of the transportation belt in an all-round way, scientifically and reasonably according to the requirements of the actual operating conditions and operating environment of the transportation belt, and make use of information, digitization Intelligent means, field bus capable of high-speed transmission, industrial Ethernet and other advanced scientific and technological means, select a variety of appropriate tear prevention technical means and devices for integration and adaptive optimization. In order to further improve the reliability of the tear proof integrated protection device, prevent problems before they occur or stop the tear immediately, so as to ensure the safe production of the production enterprise.

TCK. W magnetic memory AI weak magnetic field+machine vision identification detection technology can complete online real-time automatic detection of transverse belt breakage, longitudinal tear and other damages of the conveyor belt at the same time of production, and can timely identify the steel core twitching at the conveyor belt joint, steel core breakage, rust and other damages in the non joint area and random longitudinal tear damage. The inspection reports such as the conveyor belt damage sequence table, damage classification statistics chart, joint information table, current state weak magnetic field inspection chart, longitudinal tear identification imaging chart, etc. shall be formed.

Theoretically analyze the principle of advanced prevention of longitudinal tear of adhesive tape, adopt multi-sensor fusion technology, design reasonable sensing devices and intelligent identification and calculation systems, and upgrade the traditional single passive prevention means to an active intervention mode of accurate identification and analysis of operating conditions, early prediction of accident hazards and rapid prevention and control, A mine flameproof and intrinsically safe anti tearing comprehensive protective device for coal transportation belt has been developed, which has the function of advanced prevention and can be seamlessly connected with the existing intelligent production control system platform of Party A.