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Selection principle of steel wire rope in stainless steel construction crane

Time:2022-11-01 13:49:07 Hits:831

With the development of national modernization and the expansion of industrial production scale, stainless steel cranes have been widely used. As an important equipment for material handling, stainless steel crane plays an increasingly important role in industry. However, with the increasingly strict requirements for crane operation, stainless steel cranes can not only lift goods, but also meet the needs of enterprises under different working conditions.

Therefore, in the process of handling goods, the quality of wire rope has received more attention. Stainless steel wire rope is widely used in construction cranes. It is usually made of many high-strength steel wires. First, a steel wire is wound together to form a steel wire rope, then some of the steel wire ropes are wound into the rope core, and then the outer steel wire rope composed of other steel wire ropes is wound around the rope core to form a steel wire rope.

Some imported steel wire ropes also contain plastic insert cores, which are usually covered on the rope cores in the form of plastic coating through special treatment. For important wire ropes, proper lubricant shall be added into the wire ropes to reduce friction. Whether the selection of stainless steel wire rope is correct will directly affect the service life of wire rope, leading to structural deformation, fracture and accidental failure of wire rope. Therefore, the recommended selection principles are as follows:

1) When carrying out one non guided lifting or multiple non guided lifting at a large height, choose not to rotate the wire rope:

2) When conducting one or more guided heavy lifts (such as cranes) at a small height, or when the left and right ropes are used in pairs, ordinary steel wire ropes can be used.