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How to test the tensile strength of steel wire and wire rope?

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Steel wire and wire rope are very important in today's world, which are used to hold, lift, move and pull various objects. Ordinary quality steel wire includes 1) steel wire for welding rod, nail making, mesh making, packaging and printing industry, and steel wire for cold heading rivet and screw, 2) steel wire for electrical purpose includes special steel wire for production of overhead communication line, steel cored aluminum strand, etc. 3) steel wire for textile industry includes wire for rough comb, needle cloth and needle, and steel wire for rope making is specially used for production of wire rope and spoke, 4) spring steel wire includes spring and spring washer, piano, tire Steel wire for cord fabric and transportation belt, 5) industrial steel wire for clocks and watches, ball, and free cutting steel wire for automata.

What are the main problems of these steel wires and wire ropes? Safety, quality and strength.

Provide wire and cable tensile strength and bending testing machine, if you want to have confidence in your materials. Through our mechanical property test, you can be sure that you have accurate results and accurately find what you need.

Applicable standards

GB/T238 Metallic Wire Bending Test Method

GB/T2976 Test Method for Winding of Metal Wire

ISO 6892 Tensile Testing of Metallic Materials

GB239 Test Method for Twist of Metal Wire

YB/T5220 Carbon Spring Wire for Non mechanical Spring

GBT20125 Determination of Multi element Content of Low Alloy Steel

ASTM A586 Specification for Zinc Coated Parallel and Helical Steel Wire Structural Strands

ASTM A603 Specification for Galvanized Steel Structural Wire Rope

ASTM A931 Tension Testing of Wire Ropes and Strands

ASTM A1023/A1023M Specification for General Purpose Carbon Steel Wire Rope

ASTM E4 Test Machine Force Verification Practice

ASTM E6 Terminology Relating to Mechanical Test Methods

ASTM E8 Metallic Materials Tensile Test Method

ISO 17558 Specification for Procedure for Steel Wire Rope Sockets - Sockets with Molten Metal and Resin

Refer to the table of mechanical properties of steel wire